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Human Psychology and Natural Images

Human Psychology and Natural Images

Natural images are the real life pictures of different things and places created by God and not by man. The environment made by Mother Nature has no substitute as creates a long lasting impact on human mind. Not all the nature images have the same impact but there are some of them the impact of which may last for years. Almost 70%of the sensory receptors of human body are present in the eyes and those who know it make use of the eyes for the better understanding of a product by looking at the pictures displayed by the marketers in order to attract customers.

Why Are Nature Images Used In Marketing?

Every human being has strong ties with natural environment which he cannot deny. the marketers of today are smart enough, to know the connection of human brain with the nature environment as well as the nature images that are seen in form of pictures in a book ,or as a computer wallpaper.in recent past extensive research was done about the impact of nature images on human mind ,the conclusion drawn form that study showed that the images from man-made environment did not reduce the stress of the subject while the subject to whom nature images were shown had a remarkable change in his mood and the feeling of wellbeing. The human brain acts quicker in processing visuals than audio or text. The information provided in form of nature images retains longer than that provided in form of text or audio file.

Looking at the great effect of nature images on human mind and body the young and newly educated marketers have developed a plan in which they use the most relevant nature images to convey their message to public. According to some experts the impact of nature images on human being can be so strong that sometimes the words are not even needed to convey the message as the nature images speak for the product.

Make Sure the Images Are Relevant

Though according to the latest marketing trends the use of nature images have become inevitable, one should always take care that the images he selects to use for online marketing of a product is relevant to the product itself. Many a times it has been observed in the market that wrong selection of images proved to be disastrous for the manufacturer of the product. For example if you want to tell the public about water proof quality of a digital camera you should chose a picture with camera being used in the rain. The consumer of today needs to see it to believe it so there is no space for any mistakes in selection of good images to show the connection of the product with the scene in nature image.

Ultimate Images for Ultimate Marketing

If you know the trending style of pictures used for the marketing of different articles you can easily make an album of your self-captured nature images that are relevant to the product you want to market. Once you are able to choose a relevant nature image no one would be able to stop your ad from going viral.


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