HTML and Web Design Basics




Creating a web site has become a much easier task than it was ten years ago. With the internet becoming a more popular means for business and pleasure, it has become available to the general user. There are programs available that can help even a novice web user create and manage a web page. The entire web is created with Hypertext markup language (HTML) and can be easily created.
HTML is a standard text and formatting language used as a computer “code” to accept and apply commands in order to move around the web. HTML documents are text files that generally contain two distinct parts: there is code that is designed to be coded for viewing on a computer screen; and tags, which consist of coded computer language that deciphers the text format on the screen. These tags cue the main CPU to respond to the user’s actions on the keyboard or mouse. By combining the two types we have a functional “web” that displays information and accepts commands in order to move around and view more.

All pages are created with the basic HTML language which tells a computer what it is your supposed to be seeing when you access it. These pages are viewed using an application called a browser. An internet browser is a software application that permits you to search the web and view HTML formatted pages.

Internet browsers allow the user to view the contents of the HTML on a web page. The browser will read the code and then translate this text for you to view. This way the user can see a web page the way the designer intended and not have to translate the HTML code.

There are many applications that can help a novice user create a web page. Microsoft offers the “FrontPage” application. FrontPage has features unique to web design, such as web “themes.” The themes available with FrontPage let you create pages with a professional look and feel. The Global Marketing theme has a multinational, corporate look. Another great feature is the script editor that can run scripts without a serious knowledge of computer design. I do suggest you research some fact or read up onĀ Canadian web hosting reviews.

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