Go! Towels: Essential on Any Cycling Adventure



Go! Towels are an essential tool on any cycling adventure. These 100-percent cotton terry washcloths come rolled up and sealed in their own bags, and are small enough to stash in your jersey pocket or store on your bike. Go! Towels come moistened with a lemon scented antimicrobial solution that will clean the sweat away after a long day of cycling. As a bonus, the natural lemon scent is very effective at repelling bugs. And oh, I think you also need some tactical flashlight in case you are cycling during the night. who knows!
Go! Towels are washable and reusable, and are therefore an eco-friendly alternative to throwaway wipes and paper towels. You can continue to use the towels indefinitely as regular washcloths at home or when cycling. They also make a clean alternative to using the towels and washcloths in public restrooms and in hotels. These cotton towels can be heated up, or kept in your cooler bag and used chilled for a refreshing wake-up when you need it most.

Each towel in the 4-pack comes individually sealed in its own bag, which makes storing the towels after you use them a breeze. Just place the dirty or sweaty Go! Towel back into its original bag, finish cycling, and then throw it into the washing machine when you return home.

At only 4.50 dollars for a 4-pack, Go! Towels can be used for any on-the-go purpose. A great addition to your cycling gear, you will also find yourself using them when in your car or out camping with your family. They are also handy at barbeques, and are wonderful for cleaning up messes created by your children when you are busy polishing your bike.

Go! Towels were created by White Towel Services, and inspired by the Japanese “Oshibori.” Jason Stark, the founder of White Towel Services, wanted to create a product based on the essence of those rolled-up Japanese hot towels that you receive following a long flight or after eating in a Japanese restaurant. He has succeeded in bringing to cycling that refreshing, clean feeling that “Oshibori” provides.

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