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Lately I found myself stuck. I loved writing in my Toad Diaries and had plenty of ideas but felt that besides the money I had nothing pushing me to write or do odd jobs. I then found this wonderful resource called Printable CEO. Printable CEO can be found below in the additional resources field.
I started reading how it worked and thought I could do this by myself. While the point system does work I found that giving myself a reward by reaching a goal was even better. The first week I created a list of things I regularly do like blog, write articles, do a freelance assignment, homework, and ace a test. I then gave each a point value. Along with that list I made a list of things I needed to do that day or week. I gave each task a point value as well. For reference the point values are 10,5,2, and 1.

My first week ended up something like this:
-I have a goal of 100 points.
-I had a list 20 things to do.
-I was going to let myself have a shopping spree based on how many points I got. For example 1 point = 1 dollar.
This might sound real cheesy but I get more on the long run and most of the things I end up buying are things I need anyways.

After a successful week with the first part of The Printable CEO I decided to explore the other parts. I only ended up getting two others. The Task Order Up form, as well as the Network Catch-O-Matic form. I used both to help me and they work just as well.

The Task Order Up form is a very quirky idea that I really like. I often see in shows and movies the old fashioned diner orders. I never thought of using them to manage tasks and projects. The way I use is it that I treat the 3 articles I feel obligated to write as a project and write each of the topics or ideas on a line as a task. It helps me stay focused as well as gives me a visual to compare and keep track with. I keep the order up slip in front of me contently and also use it for other writing projects that I do for school.

The last thing I found useful was the Network Catch-O-Matic. Since I get so busy with school and writing I often forget about coming in contact with everyone and keeping tabs with all my family and friends. This helps me set goals and since then my social life has hit a higher level than before I started writing for AC. Trust me It was already pretty hectic in my life.

There are many other forms I seem not to like but seem useful to some people who can afford to print new forms everyday. I have not found uses for them yet but in the near future I might find something. Everyone should take the time to read about all the forms and try out the ones they like. They might even come in use when you are running your own small business maybe even an enterprise.

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