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Different Ways to Increase App Store Ranking

Different Ways to Increase App Store Ranking


Almost all the people in the world know well the app store rankings and their effectiveness in overall downloading of apps. Since the invention of Smart phones, this trend and concept has gained a wider perspective. Every smart phone user uses the app stores to download different apps according to his taste. Same is the case with people who use personal computers. Almost all the app stores have both the desktop version and smart phone version of their app stores. Applications in the app stores are usually sorted in various categories to ease the user to select easily the app of his choice. In all these categories the apps are further ranked in numbers. The apps with higher ranks usually remain at the top of the list and tend to be downloaded more often. Every app developer, therefore, tries to increase the ranking of his apps to keep them at the top of the chart. There are different ways to increase the ranking of apps in an app store. These are:

  1. Engagement and Retention

The very first way to increase the ranking of your app is the engagement. Engagement means the development of such an app as would be loved by the readers. This is because the app that is really loved by the users is frequently shared with friends and relatives and thus the download ratio boosts. Retention refers to regularly remaining in touch with your user’s reviews and experiences and updates the apps according to their needs. If you act like this, the number of users will increase at an alarming speed.

  1. App Store Optimization

The next way to increase the app store ranking is app store optimization. In the optimization process, the most important element is the keyword and its selection because all the ranking revolves around it. The relevant, short, and catchy keyword is very important in the optimization process. The important thing here is that keyword should also be a part of the title and also in the rest of the SEO.

  1. Improving and Increasing Rating and Reviews

The third way to increase the app store ranking is improving the rating of your app. There are many users who use an application but do not give any comment. It is up to the developer to reach them and try to know their concerns. This attitude will improve your apps ranking.

In the end, it can be said that the best way of increasing the app store rankings is the engagement of the developer with the users because it works a lot.

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