Decorating a Baby Girl’s Bedroom



The nursery should be a place that is not only soothing to the infant, but soothing to the parents as well. Decorating a baby girl’s nursery can be a bit of a challenge as it is difficult to choose something that will grow with the child but with the perfect combination of style and beauty than a look can be achieved that will grow up with the child. Trends for nurseries are becoming more sophisticated as design awareness grows in the general population. Gone are the days of cartoon characters pasted to the wall, and in are the days of chic wall treatments, embellishments and color palettes that look good, soothe, and make those who visit green with envy.

Stripes are one of the modern wall treatments that are growing popularity and when done right they look astonishing. Vertical stripes of many different sizes, painted on the walls, in varying shades of the same color, or contrasting colors are one of the big hits for girl’s nurseries in 2008. They are simple to create. First, start with the base color of the room. This color should be on the neutral side of the color palette and could be cream, mint green or a light shade of pink. Next, tape vertical areas in which other contrasting colors will be painted to create the appearance of solid stripes. A classic example is cream and purple, photography and mint green, or cream and pink. Next, smaller stripes can be painted adjacent to the larger stripes in a bold color such as magenta, fuchsia or turquoise. Keep in mind that the room should be soothing, and these bold colors should be used only as accents. You can even buy some  wooden dinnerware sets to am up your dining table which creates an earthy tone.

To give the room texture consider a feature wall of textured paper, or implementing the stripes as floor to ceiling height planks painted in the particular colors. This gives the stripes a three dimensional effect, and is sure to hold the child’s attention for years.

In addition to the stripes on the wall, consider using cutouts of stars, circles or hearts with the appearance of polka dots. These can be adhered directly to the wall or directly to the stripes on the wall so that no further damage is done to the wall itself. These can be painted in coordinating colors, and will give that room the certain pop that a child’s room should have!

On one wall, it is time to create a focal point. We have the feature wall with fabric, or other treatment covering it so why not have a wall focused on the child? Spell the child’s name in large cutout letters and arrange them across the wall. These life-size letters should be an interesting focal point.

Match the fabrics to the room, and buy furniture that can grow with the child. The room should be a comforting place for the infant, as they grow into a toddler, and a place where the mother can spend time with the infant in a peaceful environment.

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