The Toshiba Qosimo G45 Laptop Computer – Product Review


There are many things to consider when you purchase a laptop. It is important to make sure the laptop meets your needs or you are going to want to buy another one right away. When you find the right fit for you it will last you for years. The Toshiba Qosimo G45 laptop has many features you might consider. The Toshiba Qosimo G45 is surprisingly comparable to some of the other high end laptops on the market. It is right up there with the Lenovo ThinkPad X61 (top of the line), the Dell Inspiron 1720, and the HP dv2500t. I think some people might be leery of the new name but his laptop gets top notes as a screaming machine. Although this laptop is comparable to some of the other Intel T7500s it is not the better choice.
This Toshiba has an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor (2.20 GHz, 800MHz, 4MB L2), the Mobile Intel chip set, and the Intel Wireless WiFi link. In addition, it has the Bluetooth 2.0. This laptop comes with an installed 2 GB of memory and can be upgraded to 4GB. There is an integrated webcam with speakers with  immersive sound and a microphone also. Now you can video conference without the hassle of setting up a camera and microphone.


The Qosmio comes with a 17″ widescreen, glossy, LCD, which is perfect for working. I like this size better than the smaller screens you can barely see your applications. The graphics look amazing on this screen with a 512 MB nVidia GeForce GO 8600m GT graphics card. There are also a ton of ports on this laptop which include a FireWire (which means you can download movies from your DVR player, an S-Video, VGA, HDMI, two headphones, microphone, and five USB ports.

The overall look and feel of the Qosmio is fabulous. It looks very flashy with the glossy black cover and shiny screen. The palm rest is glossy also and the dials are chrome. The LEDs light up with a bright blue which illuminate all of the soft media buttons also. If you don’t like these lights they can be disabled.

One thing you might consider with this laptop is the frame build. For the price of a laptop like this you would expect an alloy frame to be of top quality. If you hang the laptop over the edge of the table as you type, resting your wrists naturally, you will notice the frame bend slightly. It bends close to a quarter inch or more, which makes this a less durable model than some of the other laptops on the market made by Toshiba.

I absolutely must mention the speakers on this laptop because they are some of the highest quality speakers I have heard integrated in a laptop in a long time. The Bass is very clear and defined, midrange and high is very accurate also. You can get the volume level very loud before you begin to hear any distortion at all. You might chuckle when the plastic case of the laptop begins to rattle when you turn the bass up.

As a writer I have to say the keyboard on this laptop is very comfortable. The keys feel solid and supported unlike other laptops. When you type it doesn’t require much pressure for the key presses to be recognized. This allows you to keep your wrists free as you type so you have to worry less about carpal tunnel. In addition, the typing is not as loud as the Compaq keyboard models.

This laptop is comfortable for writing and has excellent graphics with a big glossy screen. This model is perfect for someone who doesn’t have a lot of high end video needs that are going to work the processor. It has many great features to it and definitely great for listening to music. However, the cheap casing on this laptop forces me to give it a ‘no’ for purchasing.

What is a Content Management System, and is it Important?

What is a Content Management System, and is it Important?


More often than not, the decisions that we make come down to a simple match up of time versus effectiveness. While this may not be true for every aspect of life or business, it is certainly true for those who own or maintain a website or attempt to operate an online business. In many cases, attempting to maintain a website or network of online sites can become more and more complex as time goes on. Despite this, though, there are methods and programs that can help to make life easier, especially when it comes to managing online content and various web sites. These systems are known as Content Management Systems, and they can be an invaluable tool to web site developers and owners.
However, before we begin to discuss the many benefits of a CMS, perhaps it is important to first understand what a content management system is and what it can do for a web site owner. Basically, a content management system is an online program and organizational tool that allows a one to manage a vast number of websites, keep track of changes and produce uniform changes quickly and efficiently across a wide spectrum of different pages. The best part about this procedure, though, is the ease and simplicity with which most content management systems operate. Far more so than making operations more complex or harder to work with, the typical content management system strives to make group actions and using and applying templates simple and uniform, making sure that websites stay the same from page and page and result in an overall high quality browsing experience.

Thus, now that we understand what a Content Management System (DNN .net CMS) is and what it does, it is time to analyze whether or not one can benefit from using one. Of course, even though there are a variety of different content management systems available, ranging greatly in price and also varying in the price, it is easy to find one which is suitable for each individual need, without going too far in depth on features or purchasing a product which does not live up to it’s promises. However, there are applications that are generally too small to require a content management system. For instance, if one is only attempting to run a small website with only a few pages; yes, it may be annoying to update each page individually, it really will not be worth the cost to buy a brand new system in order to manage and organize those four pages. On the other hand, if one is attempting to run a website with multiple branches and hundreds of pages, than a simple content management system can cut the time required to maintain and work on such network virtually in half. As less workers and time are spent on maintenance, and the entire operation is improved in efficiency, a content management system manages to prove its worth in only a short time.

In summary, for those who are considering an easy way to manage a large number of sites and cut down a lot of the time spent on maintenance and daily updates and the like, a content management system is an effective and generally not too expensive way to make sure that web site updates are done quickly, efficiently, on time, and with a minimum of extra effort. If daily web site maintenance has become too much of a chore, or is starting to take up way too much time to be effective, than it may be time to consider the relief and freedom that a content management system can bring with it.

Freelancers: Need Help with Motivation or Productivity?


Lately I found myself stuck. I loved writing in my Toad Diaries and had plenty of ideas but felt that besides the money I had nothing pushing me to write or do odd jobs. I then found this wonderful resource called Printable CEO. Printable CEO can be found below in the additional resources field.
I started reading how it worked and thought I could do this by myself. While the point system does work I found that giving myself a reward by reaching a goal was even better. The first week I created a list of things I regularly do like blog, write articles, do a freelance assignment, homework, and ace a test. I then gave each a point value. Along with that list I made a list of things I needed to do that day or week. I gave each task a point value as well. For reference the point values are 10,5,2, and 1.

My first week ended up something like this:
-I have a goal of 100 points.
-I had a list 20 things to do.
-I was going to let myself have a shopping spree based on how many points I got. For example 1 point = 1 dollar.
This might sound real cheesy but I get more on the long run and most of the things I end up buying are things I need anyways.

After a successful week with the first part of The Printable CEO I decided to explore the other parts. I only ended up getting two others. The Task Order Up form, as well as the Network Catch-O-Matic form. I used both to help me and they work just as well.

The Task Order Up form is a very quirky idea that I really like. I often see in shows and movies the old fashioned diner orders. I never thought of using them to manage tasks and projects. The way I use is it that I treat the 3 articles I feel obligated to write as a project and write each of the topics or ideas on a line as a task. It helps me stay focused as well as gives me a visual to compare and keep track with. I keep the order up slip in front of me contently and also use it for other writing projects that I do for school.

The last thing I found useful was the Network Catch-O-Matic. Since I get so busy with school and writing I often forget about coming in contact with everyone and keeping tabs with all my family and friends. This helps me set goals and since then my social life has hit a higher level than before I started writing for AC. Trust me It was already pretty hectic in my life.

There are many other forms I seem not to like but seem useful to some people who can afford to print new forms everyday. I have not found uses for them yet but in the near future I might find something. Everyone should take the time to read about all the forms and try out the ones they like. They might even come in use when you are running your own small business maybe even an enterprise.

Six Steps to Proper Medication Prescribing Protocol


If you’ve been to the doctor recently, you’ve probably experiences the 30-minute wait time, which led to the 10-minute office visit and a handful of prescriptions. With many doctor’s offices working to handle a maximum capacity number of patients, many patients often wonder if the prescriptions given to them are even appropriate. This isnt like just buying products in beauty stores like my favorite mint, tea, or even vitamin c serum.
To reduce errors in prescribing, there are six steps considered to be protocol to the prescribing of medications. First, the physician should make a diagnosis. While this may seem logical, many physician prescribing errors are done in this first step when the physician fails to gather enough facts to make the diagnosis determination, often prescribing medications for complications that do not exist.

After formulating and confirming the diagnosis, the next step in prescribing medications is to envision what the outcome should be. For example, if your diagnosis is hypertension, your physician should envision what the outcome for treating hypertension would be; controlling blood pressure is the most likely outcome sought.

Prescription medications come in a variety of therapeutic classes. After diagnosis and outcome are determined, you physician must determine what class of medication is best suited for your condition. If your complication involves hypertension, for example, the physician may choose beta blockers or calcium channel blockers.

Before prescribing the medication, the physician should first consider non-prescription options for treatment. Often, as in the case of uncontrolled high blood pressure, your physician may opt to recommend a diet and exercise program. In this example, as in many other health complications, the use of prescription medication will still be necessary.

While the pharmacist is usually accountable for handling medication drug interactions and side effects, physicians should also become involved. After determining the class of drugs to be used for your health complication, ask your physician to discuss the prescription side effects you may expect to experience.

While follow-up appointments are not considered standard for many health conditions, the World Health Organization has recommended that physicians follow through to ensure the medication prescribed was successful. While most physicians do not perform this service, allowing, instead, for the patient to contact them if additional treatment is needed, many physicians are using nursing staff to assist in this aspect of care.

The next time you are in your doctor’s office, be mindful of this thought process that your physician may go through to determine what medications are best suited for your health complication. To prolong your office visit, beyond that of 10 minutes, engage your physician in conversation about the risks and side effects of the prescription medication, the alternatives using non-prescription treatment approaches, and ask to schedule a follow-up appointment to re-evaluate your health status.

Best Web Design Software Programs


When you need to build a webpage right away, and don’t know anything about HTML, you often turn to web design software programs as a solution. Even people who would have written their code out in pure HTML before, may be interested in using some web development software programs to “spruce up” their webpages, or learn to use more advanced features of web design, like XHTML or PHP scripting. Where to turn for the best web development software programs currently on the market though?
Front Page express is long gone after all and there are so many new programs out there that it could become confusing. That’s why I’ve built this short list that covers 5 of the best web development software programs I have used over the years that can not only build your webpage, but spruce it up with added features.

Best web design software programs: Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is one of the best web developments software programs I’ve ever used. Dreamweaver allows you to integrate flash right into your html with the ease of a push button interface, build a massive website, and develop custom flash interfaces. The only unfortunate draw back is that it is very easy to build an overly “flashy” webpage. What I mean by that is that web spiders can not read content held in flash programs, and therefore will not index your webpage if it has too much flash content. That being said though this is number 1 on my list, I would recommend learning some SEO practices used by top web development companies,

and building a starter page with something else before spending hundreds of dollars on this one.

Best web design software programs: Web Studio

Web Studio is a feature rich intuitive web design software program which allows you to create and publish a webpage just as easily as you might create a simple power point presentation. Some of the features that are included are, the ability to write in pure HTML, one click adding pictures, one click tables, and one click movies. This software is great for the experienced web creator or the novice alike, and features a 1 month trial with free support to get you started.

Best web design software programs: Coffee Cup Studio Designer

Coffee Cup is yet another web design software program featuring many of the same push button interface capabilities of the others on this list, though it’s a bit cheaper. Coffee Cup is probably a good choice for the novice web designer building his/her first webpage. If you are new to web development, but want a full featured robust web development program, this is the answer to all your problems.

Best web design software programs: Rapid Weaver

If you are running a mac OS and you really don’t want to run a dual windows environment just for some web software your pocket book might be in a world of hurt, but now there is a solution even for those of you who prefer work solely from your mac environment. Rapid Weaver functions a lot like Dreamweaver and operates on the Mac OS. This software retails at around $80, but its well worth the cost for the novice web developer. It’s key however that you don’t over use the flash features included or it could hurt your SEO.

Best web design software programs: Evrsoft First Page 2006

First Page is an HTML editing software which allows you to see the results of your webpage as you go and includes, auto completion, highlighting, and code correction. This is a great tool for those who would like to learn to program in clean pure HTML or just want more control over how their website will be displayed.

Any one of these programs will satisfactorily fill your needs. However a combination of 2 or more of them could be useful in creating the perfect website. When creating a webpage, just 1 page of content, perhaps the best, cheapest, and easiest, web development software program would be First Page provided by Evrsoft.

Quixtar: Beware of This Work at Home Scam


Now that the holiday season is winding down, people will be looking to find ways to get a little extra money to pay off those credit card bills. Some will turn to full time second jobs; others will wait on that hefty tax return. Unfortunately, others will turn to work-at-home scams. The biggest one of these today is Quixtar.

How do I know that Quixtar is a scam? I have relatives that were involved in Quixtar just from the outer fringes. I have friends of friends who are in Quixtar now. I also have been recruited to sell their products and turned it down. All these experiences led me to do more research on this company because I saw its lure and it definitely smells fishy. This seems like the biggest work at home scam.

First, I’ll do a Donald Rumsfeld and Q A; myself to get out the facts.

1) What is Quixtar? Quixtar is a company that sells products both of their own company as well as other major brands. The premise is that by buying from them, you are changing someone’s buying habits by getting them products cheaper and direct. You’re saving them gas by not having to shop. You buy a certain amount every month, you get discounts. This is just as a buyer.

2) Are the products legit or cheaper? A lot of them are. Some of their products are a bit low quality, though. The paper towels that they sell aren’t anything to brag about. Sure, it’s cheaper, but they don’t fit on your standard paper towel roll and for a few cents more, you might as well go to the grocery store. And as a buyer, you can pretty much get their name brand products for about the same price anywhere at your local chain store. Their “sales” aren’t really that different than anywhere else. Their energy drinks aren’t bad tasting and actually don’t come with that down feeling afterwards. The detergent works well, the vitamins work well, but again, nothing spectacular.

3) What’s the catch? The catch is selling the sell. See, they show you these products and say “ok, their a little cheaper on the dollar than if you bought them at the grocery store. But if you decide to SELL the products, we can get them to you even cheaper! All you have to do is…” and then it begins. All you have to do is buy a certain point value per month and you get a discount. BUT… if you can convince others to buy under your account, a piece of their point values count towards yours.
For example, every month you gotta get 200 points, which is about $250, to get a 3% commission (which works out to be 6 dollars. Wow.) If it gets towards the end of the month and you haven’t sold any products under your account to get those points, guess who sucks up the cost? You! That’s a lot of lipstick.
And vitamins. Why do you think they rate so high on vitamin sales? Because their nutrional supplements are decent, easy to buy and give away. If I had to find 100 bucks to spend or not get commission, I can only buy so much lipstick for my wife. I might as well buy vitamins and supplements. At least I’ll be in shape while I’m poor.
The only way to keep yourself from stocking up on cheap lipstick and toilet paper is to convince others to pay the average price (if not higher) for those products under your account. You don’t get any of their money, but you get a commission based on how many products they buy. How do you convince someone that they should buy from you and not from someone else products that really don’t save them money?
You don’t. You convince them to sell to others. And you get a percentage of their points, and so forth and so on. So in the end, most Quixtar people aren’t even selling the products, their selling the IDEA of getting those products.

4) How much money can you actually make doing this not-so-pyramid scheme? There are two answers to this: 1) Not a lot and 2) A TON. It all depends on what kind of morals, gumption, salesmanship, and extra time you have in your life. 99% of the people (and this is my guess) don’t make a lot.

They start off thinking that they will because the one guy who has the flashy car and rings comes by and says “you can be like me by selling these products!” Then they get that commission check and see that it’s $115 for about 20 hours of work a week, convincing others to “change their buying habits”, researching products, finding the sales, ensuring their customers got their orders, etc. Guess what? Quixtar reported (because, by law, they had to) that the average independent business owner- that’s the name for the guy who decided to sell and not just buy- averages only $115 a month! Is working at home that hard worth $115, minus gas and sleepless nights?

So how do you get to be the guy with the flashy car and makes answer#2 money? You sell your soul… and the pipe dream. Continuing the scenario, your 5 people aren’t selling well. What can they do to get better? Well, they can buy these tapes from you that are motivational in helping you sell. They can also buy videotapes and DVDs from you. They can also attend those seminars that you’ve been to that motivate people to sell.

But wait…how did you get those tapes and how much did you pay for them? You got them because you were so good at recruiting you made it to a special secret society of tape sellers. If you managed to recruit a lot of people that recruited others on the pipe dream, you are allowed to buy tapes from the company, sell them, and keep the profits.

And THAT is where the true money is. In my own house, I could buy one Quixtar motivational CD for 10 bucks, make 40 copies, sell them for 15 dollars and guess what? I keep the profit. Let’s say those tapes worked a bit and my point values went up because my recruits recruited recruits to go out and recruit people to maybe sell these products.

The more points I have the bigger commission checks I receive. Bigger than what I have when I was still pursuing hospitality jobs. If my downline recruiting chain manages to net me 4000 points in a month, I get a commission check of $1050. And I didn’t sell a damn roll of toilet paper to do it. Seminars are about $25; major function tickets are about $90. You can spend a lot of money just learning to sell these products, not to mention time and gas. No wonder you can clear barely over a Benjamin!

All in all, if you’re in Quixtar to save a few dollars and make a few dollars, you’re going to work very hard at it. Writing for Associated Content, depending on your typing and keyword ability, can make you a whole lot more. Just spending 8 hours on 10 articles that are special offers can make you $80. If you’re good at selling a pipe dream, Quixtar may work out in your favor. But even then, the time probably isn’t worth it.

A club for tech and women

Famed American writer and essayist Flannery O’Connor wrote a short story titled “Everything that Rises Must Converge.” It is a story reflective of the times. It was written when integration was a new concept not every American was willing to accept. It is a story of going beyond what society expects, of stripping away pretensions and prejudices, of acceptance of change.

The title of the story was actually taken from a quote by French Philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He wrote, “Remain true to yourself, but move ever upward toward greater consciousness and greater love! At the summit you will find yourselves united with all those who, from every direction, have made the same ascent. For everything that rises must converge. founder and CEO Mae Roberts believes that women should help each other rise by sharing their skills and know-how, by mentoring, and volunteering their time to ensure that every woman is given a chance to have a better future.


She recently founded The Women’s Club, a club by women for women. The young CEO will kick off the club’s activities with a series of talks and workshops aimed to help women in the metro and beyond harness the female power. She sees the club as a civic organization and a way of giving back to the community which has been very good to her.

Roberts is no stranger to hardships. She has shared with the writer the struggles she had to face when she first started in the beauty industry – from giving up a lifestyle to which she had grown accustomed to picking up the pieces of her shattered life.

Roberts is grateful for her education, her work experience, and love for research. Because of these, she was able to realize her life’s biggest dream – to start her own business.

Some might dismiss her success and underestimate the amount of hard work she has put into making her company grow. They might even say she was already rich to begin with, and that her father probably gave her the money to start her company.

While she is grateful for the love and support of her family, Roberts can proudly say that the  hosting ranking and the beauty company is the result of her hard work. It was a backyard business which has grown exponentially over the years, thanks to her stellar stewardship and the amazing people she works with.


Holistic healthcare

Holistic healthcare


Amidst the two’s busy schedules—a couple sees to it that the family’s health is top priority. With the continuous demands of the week, it is vital that a family stays healthy and protected. One way to make sure every family member is healthy is through taking Vitamin C daily.

According to Mica, who works for site for gadget reviews R-Tech24,  vitamins really helped her when she was recuperating from her C-section and of course keeps her family away from illnesses.  Mike, on the other hand, admits that vitaminshelps him stay fit and recover easily after intense training and games.  Most adults believe that Vitamin C comes only in one form – Ascorbic Acid. However, what many don’t realize is that Vitamin C comes in two different forms, namely Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Ascorbate. Although both forms may reap similar effects, Sodium Ascorbateis actually more beneficial than those made from Ascorbic Acid. For one, mostAscorbic Acid supplementshave pH levels of 2.5 to 3, which make it acidic when ingested.As a result, this can cause stomach pain and discomfort when taken before meals.  As a Sodium Ascorbate, the vitamin  maintains the basic pH level of 7.5 to 7.8. This level neutralizes acidity and makes it a non-irritant to the stomach.Thereby, allowing you to take the vitamin even before meals without irritation and discomfort.  In addition to being Sodium Ascorbate, it acts as a potent anti-oxidant, thereby giving you more protection against flu, cough, bronchitis, viral and bacterial infections.  Moreover, it is able to promote healthy gums, teeth, bones and skin for more holistic healthcare.  Not only that, but on busy days, it  is able to boost your immunity and help fight the effects of stress. This, in turn, strengthens your resistance and enables you to perform more efficiently throughout the day. Best of all, you are assured of quality, as theSodium Ascorbate in each capsule came from DSM– the only Western Vitamin C Manufacturer in Switzerland and the world’s leading supplier of vitamins. It even contains the Quali-C seal of approval that ensures its effectively.




Social enterprises


Be it forming a social enterprise, forming a community for sustainability, or just make a social community to help someone or ignite and inspire other people. I love how many are doing this. And for me, for one to ignite this passion, he or she must have a strong internet.

Either a wifi or a data on phone. To make it easier to be connected to people. Right now, I believe one needs to invest in a nivce internet service and seek for provider which can give thus quality service for its clients I love how I ens up inking a partnership with a nice internet provider. I even have an online business. I love technology up to its core. And while some are using it to destroy or just take advantage of other people.

I firmly believe each of us need to take technology and its benefits to make a social impact. To create waves and ripples that would help other people.  I also had the chance to have a wlan access point test so ai can check beforehand the right and accurate internet speed for me. For me, it relieves any kind of hassle and that is really great if you want more and more community to be connected. Let’s create better movements!

giving and sharing gifts


Well, a lot of us knows that giving gifts is really a vital part, especially during occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and even holidays. I listed down great gift ideas just for you:

  1. Planner- If your loved one loves planning things and organizing events, it is lovely to give them planners and some organizing tools for them
  2. 360 grad kamera—many people are investing in best 360 grad kamera because of the many features it offers. I love how my 360 camera never failed me in all the videos and photos i documented and so i am definitely recommending this to my readers.
  3. Promo deal-does your loved one loves to travel local and abroad? Surprise them with great promo deals in airlines and tour packages.