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6 Ways to Use Bluetooth Beacons for Better Customer Management

Management of customers is an expensive process, whether for hotels, retail stores, airports, malls or restaurants. Irrespective of the type of business you have, customer management is important. Bluetooth Beacons, also referred to as BT beacons or simply as beacons, are newer devices which are increasingly being used in diverse business sectors for managing consumers and clients. It is leading to automation. Here are 6 ways to use Bluetooth beacons for better customer management in your own business hub.

  1. Auto entry and exit

Place your BT beacons close to the door and pre-set them to send “Welcome” and “Thank You” messages every time they enter or exit your store. The beacon should automatically send the message to the app of the visitor’s smartphone, and provide him with a welcome access. Bluetooth low energy beacons can be adjusted to sense visitors and open and close doors every time they enter or exit your business hub.

  1. Easier navigation

Asking staffs for directions is one of those things customers seriously hate. You can provide directions for navigation through your hub to customers, just as they walk into the premises. This will allow them to skip asking for directions and find their own way through the venue.

  1. Convenient entry and exit

Having your business app installed in their phones can allow customers to be ‘found’ and identified easily by the beacons. They can be provided with automatic and keyless access to different areas of your commercial zone, without the need for any time-consuming security check.

  1. Interest-based services

You can also provide customers with services based on their interests and preferences. For instance, if you have opened up a restaurant, you can have customers placing orders through your business app installed on their phones, and get orders delivered faster.

  1. Adverts and offers

Based on the orders of customers, you can provide them with messages about special offers related to them. Information about special discounts, rebates and upgrades can automatically be sent to their phones.

  1. Targeted campaigns

Strategic campaigns can be used in order to cater to the interests of customers, gaining insight about their behavior and using the same information to provide them with better services. As the entire process will be automated, there will be lesser need for skilled staffs and labor costs. You can keep only minimal number of staffs and cut down on expenses to hire, train and retain skilled personnel.


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