Social enterprises


Be it forming a social enterprise, forming a community for sustainability, or just make a social community to help someone or ignite and inspire other people. I love how many are doing this. And for me, for one to ignite this passion, he or she must have a strong internet.

Either a wifi or a data on phone. To make it easier to be connected to people. Right now, I believe one needs to invest in a nivce internet service and seek for provider which can give thus quality service for its clients I love how I ens up inking a partnership with a nice internet provider. I even have an online business. I love technology up to its core. And while some are using it to destroy or just take advantage of other people.

I firmly believe each of us need to take technology and its benefits to make a social impact. To create waves and ripples that would help other people.  I also had the chance to have a wlan access point test so ai can check beforehand the right and accurate internet speed for me. For me, it relieves any kind of hassle and that is really great if you want more and more community to be connected. Let’s create better movements!

giving and sharing gifts


Well, a lot of us knows that giving gifts is really a vital part, especially during occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and even holidays. I listed down great gift ideas just for you:

  1. Planner- If your loved one loves planning things and organizing events, it is lovely to give them planners and some organizing tools for them
  2. 360 grad kamera—many people are investing in best 360 grad kamera because of the many features it offers. I love how my 360 camera never failed me in all the videos and photos i documented and so i am definitely recommending this to my readers.
  3. Promo deal-does your loved one loves to travel local and abroad? Surprise them with great promo deals in airlines and tour packages.