Go! Towels: Essential on Any Cycling Adventure


Go! Towels are an essential tool on any cycling adventure. These 100-percent cotton terry washcloths come rolled up and sealed in their own bags, and are small enough to stash in your jersey pocket or store on your bike. Go! Towels come moistened with a lemon scented antimicrobial solution that …

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HTML and Web Design Basics


  Creating a web site has become a much easier task than it was ten years ago. With the internet becoming a more popular means for business and pleasure, it has become available to the general user. There are programs available that can help even a novice web user create …

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Decorating a Baby Girl’s Bedroom


  The nursery should be a place that is not only soothing to the infant, but soothing to the parents as well. Decorating a baby girl’s nursery can be a bit of a challenge as it is difficult to choose something that will grow with the child but with the …

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Six Steps to Proper Medication Prescribing Protocol

  If you’ve been to the doctor recently, you’ve probably experiences the 30-minute wait time, which led to the 10-minute office visit and a handful of prescriptions. With many doctor’s offices working to handle a maximum capacity number of patients, many patients often wonder if the prescriptions given to them …

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Best Web Design Software Programs

  When you need to build a webpage right away, and don’t know anything about HTML, you often turn to web design software programs as a solution. Even people who would have written their code out in pure HTML before, may be interested in using some web development software programs …

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Quixtar: Beware of This Work at Home Scam

  Now that the holiday season is winding down, people will be looking to find ways to get a little extra money to pay off those credit card bills. Some will turn to full time second jobs; others will wait on that hefty tax return. Unfortunately, others will turn to …

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